Month: June 2016

Justinne Poliarco is McMaster’s Summa Cum Laude

Ajax, Ontario Poliarco is consistent honours student By Ted Alcuitas McMaster University’s highest distinction for a student – Summa Cum Laude, went to Justinne Poliarco of Ajax, Ontario. Poliarco graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Major in Finance from the university’s De Groote School of Business located in Hamilton, Ontario. The eldest son of Ceasar and Elvie Poliarco, he has been in the Dean’s Honours List achieving a seasonal grade point average over 9.5 (out of 12.0) for the school year 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. He won First Place in the Stock Market Competition of De Groote Finance Association in January 2014. He was an Investment Banking Summer Analyst for CIBC World Markets in Toronto and a Private Equity Analyst Intern for Highland Creek Partners LLC, also in Toronto. He is a member of  the Association of Canadian Intercollegiate Investment Clubs (ACIIC). While in university he  traded Canadian and US stocks and options with a $500,000 simulated fund returning 66% within seven weeks of trading. An avid sportsman, Poliarco plays soccer, squash, road cycling and mountain biking and is a Triathlon athlete. His mother Elvie is the Founding President of the  Filipino-Canadian Heritage Resource of Durham, Ontario and Managing Director at Infinite Ventures Capital...

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Editor takes umbrage at Senator Enverga’s ‘mistake’?

Toronto, Ontario   ANOTHER EPIC MISTAKE? Tobias Enverga’s Skewed History of Philippine Independence By ROMEO P. MARQUEZ Editor, Filipino Web Channel June 28, 2016 “Ignorance is not bad faith. But persistence in ignorance is.” — Joanna Russ TORONTO – As I write these lines, Filipino community organizations in Greater Toronto Area are not yet done with their celebrations marking the birth on June 12 of a free Philippines. Since 118 years ago, the day has been observed as what revolutionary General Emilio Aguinaldo had proclaimed in his Kawit, Cavite mansion – the independence of the Philippines from colonial ruler Spain. It didn’t matter much that it was short-lived, for the Americans soon came, colonized the islands for half a century until July 4, 1946 when the Philippines was freed from US imperialist domination. Nowhere in the 19th and 20th centuries of Philippine history was there a mention that June 12, 1898 was “the signing of the Philippine Declaration of Independence”. That day has always been the date of the proclamation or declaration of Philippine independence. But to Tobias Enverga Jr., a member of the unelected Senate of Canada, this year’s June 12, in his own words, “marks the one hundred and eighteen anniversary of the signing (bold mine) of the Philippine Declaration of Independence”. That’s quite a dramatic uneducated shift as it alters the facts. The “signing” by 98...

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Protect press freedom – coalition

THE PREZ AND THE PRESS (Pooled editorial) INDAY ESPINA-VARONA·TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016 REGRETTABLY, the conversation between President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and the news media has turned sharp and shrill. All but lost in the noise is the two parties’ common duty in law and tradition to serve and to inform the Filipino people on issues, events and policies that affect their interest and welfare. A president—all at once the chief executive, fount of foreign policy, manager of the national household, guardian of peace and order, commander of the uniformed services, and arbiter of policy conflicts—is the most important pivot of news and policy in the land. The President is mandated by law to lead the nation and to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance. But the Constitution also upholds the citizens’ rights to free speech, free press, free expression, and peaceable assembly. It guarantees as well their right to due process, equality before the law, access to information, justice, and life. As “the people’s private eye in the public arena,” the news media serve as custodian and gatekeeper of some of these rights. It’s a task that must be accomplished, and the President-elect’s predecessors as well as the nation’s journey from democracy to dictatorship and back illustrate why and how we must inquire into, inveigh against, and investigate questionable public officials and agencies, on the citizens’ behalf. Thus, despite his...

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Autistic twins graduate

Winnipeg, Manitoba     A mother’s tribute to her sons This month, twin brothers graduated  as did thousands of others like them. But these two brothers were unlike others – they were born autistic. Here is their mother’s way of celebrating the moment.   Dearest Adrian and Nicholas, Back in 1999 when you were both diagnosed with autism, Dad and I were devastated. We cried and cried and cried for the many hopes and dreams that would never be realized. However, despite the many struggles and challenges our whole family faced over the years, there were many more moments of pure joy. Adrian and Nicholas, you have both grown so much. You have achieved your goals in your Skills for Living Program, and I know that you will continue to achieve even more in the future. Today, as you graduate from Dakota Collegiate, we celebrate the hard work that you both have accomplished. We are so grateful for the many teachers and EAs at H.S. Paul School and Dakota Collegiate who helped and supported you during your school years. We are also especially thankful for our respite worker, Dhel, and our daughter, Grace, for being there for you and for helping you continue to learn and grow. You have taught us so much – love, patience, kindness, laughter. We look forward to the next phase at CanDo as you...

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Poet laments closing of Chilean Corner in Winnipeg

The Chilean Corner Levy Abad, June 22, 2016 Written in the BMC What a sad day indeed that the place is closing The empanada’s taste remind of Chile’s history The picante remind me of its sons and daughters struggle to be free Reminds me of Salvador Allende Gossens Martyred for dreaming to build a better world The lessons that I learned from the drops of his blood in books read His last stand in the palace I recall all this while listening to Bro. Idrissa basking and singing Marley In the midst of a crowd who never cares. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery None but ourselves can free our minds.” Why do you weep over the closing of the Chilean Corner? “Is it for the sake of a “new vision” of The Forks?” The lady who owns Human Bean asked. And will this new vision care about the contribution of a small community? Salvador Allende or “Chilean corner” can be sacrificed on the altar of profit anyway. So who knows of the history or ideas that shape this little space? Or the number of exiles who healed their wounded hearts sitting on its chairs? Thoughts of Victor Jara run through my mind While humming, Tumindig ka or Levantate! When will it close or where will it move? The taste of the empanada I remember again And the pebre linger...

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