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Duterte must play by a new playbook, says journalism dean

 Philippines ‘I Will Kill All the Drug Lords’ The making of Rodrigo Duterte By Sheila Coronel The Atlantic Sept. 20, 2016 “The Davao playbook no longer suffices. It’s time to write a new one,” writes Sheila Coronel in this analysis of who the real Duterte is. In the Philippines, the end of Ferdinand Marcos’s 20-year dictatorship in 1986 was a tumultuous time. The new government of Corazon Aquino was being challenged on all fronts: from the Right, by ambitious military factions plotting coups; from the Left, by peasant guerrillas and angry protesters demanding radical reforms. In those days, I was working as a journalist in Manila, finally able to cover the country’s problems with corruption, crime, economic stagnation, and insurgency without fear of censors. “Murder City” In 1987 and 1988, I made several trips to Davao, a sprawling city on Mindanao’s southeastern coast, to report on the convulsions rocking that city. Back then, Davao was known not so much for its balmy breezes, rich fisheries, and expansive plantations, but for a brutal campaign against a communist insurgency, sparked by widespread military abuses during the Marcos regime and longstanding problems of poverty and inequality. The breakdown in law and order had also made it a fertile breeding ground for crime. “Each day, some two to three people were killed and thrown in a ditch,” one longtime resident said. Agdao, the...

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“Tini(g)Tipon”- building alliances through the arts

Vancouver, B.C. Co.ERASGA proudly present The Gathered Voices and the Artists of “Tini(g)Tipon” Presented at the Scotiabank Dance Centre (677 Davie St) Wednesday, September 21,2016 at 8pm Tickets through for $20/$30 (sliding scale) The artists: Kathara PILIPINO INDIGENOUS ARTS COLLECTIVE SOCIETY, Grace Nono, Mutya Macatumpag, Co.ERASGA, Dancers of Damelehamid, Coastal Wolfpack Musqueam Group BC, Rulan Tangen, Migrante BC, and Jeremiah Carag. How can we build alliances through the arts in times when colonialism continue to pose greater challenges and tensions to our contemporary lives? How artists can contribute in the global discussion of the history of migration and belonging within the larger context of settler colonialism? What is the meaning of our presence as settlers on Indigenous lands? Co.ERASGA is gathering Filipino, Filipino-Canadians and Canada’s First Nations artists to build solidarity and networks in a one night cultural performance event called, “Tini(g)Tipon”. “Tini(g)Tipon” is a Filipino term Dennis Gupa and Alvin Tolentino coined to capture the collective spirit of gathering voices. “Tini(g)Tipon” is also a prelude cultural event organized by Co.ERASGA in honor of the 3rd International Babylan Conference that will take place in the Coast Salish Indigenous land of British Columbia. “Tini(g)Tipon” is a contraction of two Filipino words: “tinig” means “voice” while “tipon” is “gathering.” The combination of these Tagalog terms with the parenthetical “g” in the middle results to three more meanings, that of, “the...

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Conference brings two cultures together

Filipino and Canadian indigenous people seek to bridge cultures   By Ted Alcuitas A unique experiment to bring together two indigenous cultures is happening this weekend at Gibsons, B. C. The Third Babylan Conference will be held on indigenous land in Gibsons on September 23-25, 2016. Put together by the Vancouver-based Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective Society and the Center for Babaylan Studies (CfBS), the conference hopes to make these interconnections visible. The partnership forged through this conference will look into their common histories of colonial migration. “We explore this theme where we can learn and connect with through workshops, creative performances, ritual and ceremony, and educational opportunities,” says the conference website. Babaylan is a Filipino word that refers specifically to an individual or a group of healers, mostly women, who were acknowledged by friends and family as possessing extraordinary gifts… having a gift of vision; an ability to see through schemes or situations and later advise on future plans… or the gift for healing; a specific touch or intuited or passed-on knowledge to specific processes of ‘fixing’ and ‘putting’ people and things together. The first priority of all Babaylan [is] her community. In honour of The Third International Babaylan Conference, two renowned Filipino artists is presenting Tini(g)Tipon on September 21 at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre in Vancouver. Curated by Dennis D. Gupa and Alvin Erasga Tolentino it seeks...

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Breaking: Senator de Lima ousted as chair of Senate  committee on justice

SENATOR Leila de Lima was evicted   chair of the Senate  committee on justice and  was immediately replaced by  Senator  Richard Gordon, The Inquirer reports today (September 19). Gordon has earlier called for the suspension of the ‘writ of habeas corpus’. According to the report, it was Senator Manny Pacquiao, who made a motion on the  floor  to declare vacant the chairmanship as well as the membership of   the committee, which is investigating the   alleged extrajudicial killings in the country since the  Duterte administration  took over . Senate President Pro Tempore Franklin Drilon objected  to the motion, which prompted to the  suspension of the session and the  holding of a senators’ caucus. When the session  resumed, the chamber immediately put to a vote  the motion.  Drilon maintained his   objection, seconded by   neophyte Senator   Risa Hontiveros. “We  register our objection. We believe there’s no basis for the motion,”  Drilon said. Hontiveros said: “On behalf of Akbayan party, I respectfully register my objection.” Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III then  decided to divide the chamber and made the roll call vote. Sixteen  senators voted in favor of Pacquiao’s   motion, four were against it  while two abstained. The four  who voted against the motion were Drilon, Hontiveros and Senators Bam Aquino  and  Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan. Drilon, Aquino and Pangilinan are members of  the Liberal Party, while  Hontiveros  belongs to the Akbayan partylist group but...

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