Month: September 2017

How the diaspora struggled against Marcos martial law

A plea by Ted Alcuitas Today is the 45th year since Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines. We are posting images of the struggle during that era and will continue posting images from the past. It is important that we recall what happened because it is now coming back to haunt us. The current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is virtually putting the country under martial law. He runs rough shod over the lives of the poor , so-called ‘adiks’, mowing them like chickens in his demented ‘war on drugs’ while the ‘elite’ drug lords are spared  from...

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Blog: Manny’s Grill and Silog House

 whatsinmymouth Getting a mouthful at Manny’s  By Monica Urrutia A new Filipino restaurant opened up in my neighbourhood recently and I finally had a chance to try it: Manny’s Grill and Silog House, Authentic Manila BBQ by Kayturing. For full disclosure, I will say up front that I do know the owner but I believe I still provide an unbiased review below. I have often driven by this site on 6th Street commenting that it would be a perfect spot for a Filipino restaurant given the few alternatives nearby and the growing Filipino presence in the neighbourhood, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about Manny’s opening up. We started with lumpia shanghai for an appetizer. The quantity of spring rolls and the price met industry standard. It came to us piping hot, with a crispy exterior and flavourful stuffing. The kiddo enjoyed it, which is always a good gauge for us. For our main, we ordered bilao, which means woven tray. You choose from among three different sizes and it contains a variety of food offerings. Given we were a party of three, we ordered a small bilao. It came with two barbeque skewers, shrimp, stuffed squid, grilled eggplant, choice of fish (fried marinated milkfish or tilapia – we choose the milkfish), and choice of rice – we went with garlic rice. A couple of dipping sauces and atchara completed the...

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Never Again: No to Martial Law

Updated: 8:04 PM, Sept. 20, 2017 Stop the Killings By Ted Alcuitas Today is the 45th anniversary of martial law in the Philippines when the dictator Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law on September 21, 1972. But while martial law happened 45 years ago, we see the spectre of martial law happening under President Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte has threatened to impose martial law for the whole country while still maintaining martial law in the city of Marawi in Mindanao. Disparate opposition forces in the Philippines and abroad have mobilized to express their opposition including the extra-judicial killings (EJK). We have...

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Two Filipina authors in CBC’s writers to watch

Updated: 6:22 AM, Sept. 21, 2017 Catherine Hernandez will be  in Vancouver Sept. 22 By Ted Alcuitas Catherine Hernandez and Lorina Mapa are among 17 writers included in this year’s CBC writers to watch for 2017. Hernandez is the author of the just released novel ‘Scarborough’. Published by Arsenal Press,Hernandez’s plays Singkil and Kilt Pins were published by Playwrights Canada Press. Her children’s book M is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book was published by Flamingo Rampant. A former theatre practitioner and daycare provider from Scarborough, Ontario she mined these experiences to write her impressive debut novel, Scarborough. Hernandez was co-winner of LiterAsian’s Emerging Writer’s Award in 2015. Scarborough was short-listed in the Toronto Book Awards.   She will be in Vancouver on September 22 as one of the panelists for the 2017 award, now renamed Jim Wong Chu Emerging Writer’s Award  to honour Wong -Chu who died on July 11. Scarborough is a moving multi-voiced story about a Toronto neighbourhood that refuses to fall apart in the face of poverty and crime. • How Catherine Hernandez’s resilient neighbourhood inspired her debut novel       Photo: (Conundrum Press/Courtesy of Lorina Mapa) Lorina Mapa is the author and illustrator of the graphic memoir Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos and Me. Mapa was born in the Philippines and came to North America when she was 16 years old. She now lives in...

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Mag-asawa binastos sa skytrain

Vancouver, B.C. Woman spews racist rant against Filipino couple in sky train Binatikos naman ng iba By Ted Alcuitas An elderly Filipino couple was subjected to a racist rant by a white woman passenger inside a sky train, Monday, August 21. According to one witness, Paula Correa who is Filipina, she was riding on the Millennium Line at around noon when she saw a woman interrupt the couple’s conversation and tell them to be quiet. Correa caught part of the incident on video and provided it to media. The video shows a woman berating an elderly Filipino couple who...

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