Month: January 2018

Balita faces another libel case

From left Mila Magno, Consul Gen. Rosalita Prospero and Oswald Magno in a Dr. Raul Sunico concert last year.(Photo: The Philippine Reporter) Toronto, Ontario Lawyers seek summary judgment against Balita By Ted Alcuitas An Ontario Superior Court Justice has heard the libel case against Balita Media Inc., Teresita Cusipag and Romeo Marquez on January 22 and 25, reports The Philippine Reporter. Oswald Magno sued Balita, Cusipag and Marquez four and a half years ago according to The Reporter. Magno’s motion was heard in the sala of Justice Jane Ferguson. Lawyers Michael Alexander and David A. Potts asked the judge to...

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Breaking: Missing Pinoy – Dylan Decolongon

Dylan Decolongon (Facebook) Vancouver, B.C. Narima Dela Cruz, Community Advocate & Volunteer shared Daniel Decolongon‘s post. 15 hrs · Let us find help Dylan and reunite him with his family! Daniel Decolongon added 3 new photos. January 26 at 7:06pm · hey guys, my brother Dylan went missing just over an hour ago and any attempts that we have made at contacting him have not worked. if you’re in the vancouver/lower mainland area and you spot him anywhere or know any info about anything leading up to this please please call the police or let me or my parents...

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Blog: A deconstructed dish becomes a poem

Bao Down photo by Monica Urrutia Vancouver, B.C. Poetry: Tastebuds Annabelle Lucero Bubbly, effervescence, intoxicating you with her essence. Tickle your senses. Breath deeply, let her love trickle down your throat. Savour the sweetness of the moment, drink it all in, the depth of flavour you will know. Allow her to satiate your soul with food for thought. Taste the wonders of the world together – visually, spiritually, umami and what not. Bite your tongue, if you dare feed her lies. She’ll spit them back at you, out of spite, out of mind; excluded from her life. She can’t...

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Food blogger is satisfied with New York’s Pizza Boy II

What’s in my mouth? Food Blog Sharing what I think is Mmm…Sarap! Home About JANUARY 20, 2018WHATSINMYMOUTH By Monica Urrutia I fulfilled a travel dream of mine and spent new year’s eve 2017 in New York City. While the cold snap tried to keep my foodie dreams unfulfilled I was determined to have a “pizza experience”. I missed out on a restaurant recommendation from my friend M. because I was completely unaware that I was so close to it when I was freezing, while still enjoying the beach scenery at Coney Island. I was only going to be in...

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‘Revolutionary’ activist Pet Cleto dies at 72

Pet Cleto, right, with another womens activist Bernadette Ellorin, chair of USA Bayan.   Toronto,Ontario Life-long devotion to womens issues By Ted Alcuitas She was called a revolutionary woman, defender of human rights and a journalist, but to the mostly young women who followed her, she was plain ‘Tita Pet’ and to those on the Left, ‘Tita ng Bayan’. Petronila G. Cleto died January 11, 2018 in a Toronto hospital after a short illness. She was of 72. Her life-long devotion to the women’s struggle started as a young woman in the Philippines where she helped found Gabriela Philippines,...

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