Updated:November 11, 2020, 9 PM

Vancouver, B.C.

Na alaala namin kayo…

Teodoro Alcuitas

Editor, Philippine Canadian News.Com

As Canada today celebrates National Remembrance Day to honour the men and women who died in world wars especially the European theatre of war, we also pause to remember the veterans of another war – the Pacific War.

Some of us who are here in Canada now are children, aunts, mothers and grandchildren of those who also serve in the war.

I am one of those children as is Roy Fabros, who today sent this email to Michelle Elliot, the Filipina-Canadian host of CBC’s BC Today ([email protected] )

Hi Michelle,

My dad was a Korean vet.And I thought that I really never, when I was still in the Philippines,  had the chance to celebrate his bravery, heroism and contribution There weren’t opportunities then to do it. Dad passed away in 1978 in the Philippines.

My Dad and Mom, Maximino Urbano Fabros and Remedios Lucero Silvestre. (Provided)

I came to Canada in 2005 as a permanent resident and have bern witnessing how our Canadian society and nation appreciate these brave men and women.

My heart was warmed when I saw my 1st  Korean War Memorial monument in Sechelt, BC. Then 2 years ago, saw this another memorial in Central Park in Burnaby.

And today listening to your program I thought I can now have the opportunity to celebrate meaningfully  my dad’s heroism..Hahaha! I hope you won’t mind me celebrating my dad.

Thank you very much.

Roy Fabros

Father and son. (Provided)

My father was in the Korean War as a member of the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK). Maximino Urbano Fabros joined the Philippine Constabulary (PC) upon his return from Korea and at one time was assigned to Jolo to suppress the infamous communist commander Kamlo. He joined the Labangan Police after he left PC. Married to Remedios Lucero Silvestre,  a public school teacher, they had  8 children.  I’m the eldest.

A movie ‘Hill 191’ was made about the a squad or platoon of Filipino soldiers who successfully defended the hill against the communist attack.

Reprinting my tribute to my own father.

Papa’s military training certificate.

Remembering my father and WW11