America is not in the heart: a rebuttal

Painting by Maria Ligaya Alcuitas, St. Mary’s High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Acrylic on paper)


Shouldn’t we be cuddling the children in a loving embrace of compassion and love instead of wringing them out of their parents and putting them in cages like animals? I still hope America is in the heart as Filipino writer Carlos Bulosan wrote years ago. This is a painting by my middle daughter while she was in high school at the height of the Ethiopian famine. The symbolism here is that the Virgin Mary (white) is holding up a black boy in such an embrace, full of love and compassion without any thought of whether he or she is black, Latino or an illegal immigrant. That is what we call love and to the current American president and those who support him, I say, “You are not in our hearts, and certainly you have no heart!.

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