As Manitoba faces Covid-19 crisis, couple reaches out to kababayans through music

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kabarangay Magpabakuna Na!

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Alcuitas

Editor, PhilippineCanadianNews.Com (PCN.Com)

A musical couple from Winnipeg has turned to music to encouraged kababayans to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.

With Manitoba in “dire” circumstances coping with the upsurge of cases prompting the ‘shipment’ of some  patients to Ontario, Ernesto Ofiaza, Jr. and wife Catherine teamed up to compose a song  “Kabarangay Magpabakuna Na!” 


The couple says it is their way of “expressing our thanks and gratitude to everyone who had helped us fight this virus especially the Public Health staff, family members, co-workers, relatives and friends while being isolated at home last month, our small contribution in the massive campaign of our province (Manitoba) to have everyone take the vaccine as soon as possible… our way of sharing our God-given talent in a productive way …. we hope that our tiny voice will be heard by our kababayans,” they wrote in their Facebook page launching the song.


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