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Maximize your lunch dollars at Momo Sushi

by whatsinmymouth

By Monica Urrutia



I chose Momo Sushi for two reasons: first, Momo used to be a nickname of mine in high school, and second, it was nearby and available when I had a hankering for sushi.

My luck with random restaurant stops continues!

I entered the sushi joint right around the time when they opened. It is a small space and has a communal bench set-up along one side of the wall and short bar stool set-up alongside the other outer wall. Had it been packed you could be rubbing elbows with folks, but if you are into meeting people then why not?

I ordered Box D for less than $13 and added miso soup for a buck. This Box D however, is not the same as how they may describe it on their online menu. On the whole, it was a larger lunch then I was expecting. I think it was by accident but I was served two small bowls to start, one had the miso soup the other had the salad. I say accident because when I received the meal in the classic box style there was even more salad!

I would rate this as a mmmmura dish given the number of items you get for the price. First, the salmon teriyaki on rice. The salmon was crisp and the teriyaki was flavourful and not cloyingly sweet like some teriyaki sauces can be. The sushi was average size: three California rolls and five assorted sushi which include salmon, tuna, ebi, hokikai and one other fish I cannot recall. A minor thing that bugged me was their menu described the dish to include “six pieces of sashimi.” Upon closer inspection, I would say those pieces are definitely not regular sized sashimi and were instead cut into six large cubes. If you put it all together it would add up to 1.5 pieces each of salmon and tuna sashimi. Perhaps it was a food cost technique to keep the price down. The seaweed stem garnish on top, though, was a great pop of flavour. I would have enjoyed more of that (maybe in place of so much salad).

Other quick points: Service was good. Water was served in really small paper cups, so you would need to keep asking for refills if you were really thirsty. I liked that had low-sodium soya sauce, which not all sushi restaurants have on hand.

The positives overwhelmed any minor negatives and I was happy to order a box to go  for my sister who I was on my way to see and who needed some lunch.

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