Councillor Edwin Empinado (right) of Kitimat, re-elected for a third term with wife Doris and B.C. Premier John Horgan. (Facebook)

Updated: October 21, 2018, 5:00  PM.

Edwin Empinado of Kitimat sole winner in B.C. elections


Ted Alcuitas

Seven of the eight Filipino-Canadians aspiring to political office in British Columbia went down in defeat in yesterdays’ municipal elections.

Incumbent Councillor Edwin Empinado of the northern City of Kitimat won a third term, one of three who got re-elected out of the five who run for re-election.

Empinado joins Jocelyn Curteanu of Whitehorse and Rommel Silverio of Yellowknife who were all re-elected.

In a message to (PCN.Com) , Empinado said the victory gives  him an “opportunity to continue the preparation and put effect our housing action plan and strengthen our housing initiatives.” 

“One of the social impacts we have experienced from the modernization is affordable housing and rent. Five populations are identified to be affected…to mention fixed income and frail seniors etc. So am happy to be part of these materialization,” Empinado says.

The  53-year-old father of one daughter and an operating room nurse at Kitimat General Hospital was first elected to city council in 2010. Daughter Diana Mae, a competitive figure skater is in Grade 10 and works as a student dispatcher at Kitimat’s Fire Station.

“Nursing has taught us to make our patients the Center of care. In public governance and politics, it is the people I serve. All policies, resources, and decisions I make should be to make their life safe, healthy, comfortable, affordable, and that they receive quality public service. Further it should be collaborative, transparent, and communication process is in placed. And knowing what is my role and it’s limitations and mindful of conflict of interest and abuse of authority. The rest will follow,” he adds in a Facebook message to friends.

Big loss for Narima Dela Cruz

In the lower mainland, Narima Dela Cruz  of Surrey First failed a second attempt at winning a seat in Surrey city council.

Dela Cruz’s defeat was a disappointing blow to Filipinos’ aspirations to have a breakthrough in Surrey, where they ranked third in numbers next to the Chinese and South Asians.

Independent Neneng Galudo lost her first attempt at city council in Surrey as did Jojo Quimpo of the NPA in Vancouver.

 Tommy Raquero was unsuccessful in Port Coquitlam Council.

Rod Belleza failed in a comeback attempt at  Richmond School Board.

Other unsuccessful school  board candidates include Behl Evangelista of North Vancouver and Cyrus Sy of New Westminster.

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