Celebrating the quincentenary of Christianity in the Philippines

A Feast Fit for a Rajah

Jan Dominic Tarroja Umengan poses beside a large table groaning with favorite Filipino dishes as he calls out the rest of his family—party of 18—to celebrate the quincentenary of Christianity in the Philippines. “Nic” is soaking up the religious and historic significance of 500 years of the Catholic Faith in the Philippines. A History aficionado (he currently handles Readings in Philippine History at the Cagayan State University), Nic says his family participated in the papal mass celebrating the quincentennial event the other day…but preferred to hold the salo-salo today, March 16, when 500 years earlier Magellan landed on Philippine shores and consequently introduced Christianity in the archipelago.

Queen Juana, wife of Cebu’s Rajah Humabon, was actually  baptized together with 800 followers in April 1521. Don Carlos (baptismal name of Humabon) and Reina Juana would certainly approve of this buffet. The attention to detail (note the replica of a carrack or ship at the head of the table)  exhibits  Nic’s experience in Food & Beverage at a Sheraton Hotel in the US and his being a Master of Science in Hospitality Management.

Mabuhay, 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines!

(Submitted by RicardoJorge S.  Caluen)

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