Education: Mireia Cuenca turns pandemics’ isolation into something positive

Surrey, B.C.

“With the internet we are united in our isolation…” Grade 7 student Mireia Cuenca says in winning video

Teodoro Alcuitas


A Grade School student from Surrey’s École Woodward Hill has won the Concours d’art oratoire speaking competition for her piece on the pandemic’s impacts on the young.

13-year-old Mireia Cuenca vested other contestants in the interprovincial French public speaking competition held annually – Canada’s largest competition. She had won the same competition in 2019 as a Grade 5 student.

Beside her oratorical skills, Mireia excels in other academic departments, completing her Grade 7 with a Gifted Designation.

She completed Grade 8 Math  scoring 99 percent in the Secondary School Admission Test in January 2021.

The daughter of lawyer- couple Joseph ‘Jae’ and Dulce Cuenca, Mireia has been accepted to the Little Flower Academy’s Math 9 Pre-Advanced Placement as a Grade 8 Student for the coming school year.

Joseph is with the Richmond law firm Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP  while mom Dulce is with the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

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  1. What an honor to the BC province, Mireia! Congratulations! You are indeed gifted and your talents are overflowing. All the very best always.

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