Luisa Marshall vows to continue performing as long as she can. (Screen shot, True Calling)

Vancouver, B.C.


By True Calling

(Editor’s note: Luisa Marshall is arguably the most enduring and longest lasting Filipino performer in North America. If there is another one, I haven’t heard of it.  It is a tribute (no pun intended) to her talent that she gets featured in this impressive video by True Calling and the Filipino community should b proud. She is not only a performer but also a community advocate, a TV host with her own Simply the Best show and co-publishes with husband Steve, the MetroVan Independent News.)

Luisa Marshall is an award-winning tribute artist touring the globe performing as The Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner. She’s an experienced performer with a powerful voice and commanding stage presence who projects pure joy towards her fans.

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Luisa aspired to become a performer as a young child. “All my life, I went to Catholic school. They are very, very strict. I grew up also in a very devoted, Catholic family, the whole entire family, my grandparents and everybody. So they expected me to be that way, too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that way… I just really wanted to sing.”

Her parents pushed her to continue her education and attend university. “They said, ‘You can do whatever you want right after you graduate. But you have to graduate.’ I took Mass Communications. I said, ‘If I can’t make it singing, at least there’s something that I can fall into.’ A big company hired me to be their marketing director, and I stayed for just two months before I quit and started auditioning for bands. I wanted to sing and I wanted to travel.”