Filipino master carver transforms pumpkins into art

Michael Valeroso creates unique pieces of art out of pumpkins. (Provided)

Richmond, B.C.

Carving is an art, says Michael Valeroso

A helicopter mechanic has turned his passion for pumpkin carving into an art and is making a name for himself in the Halloween circuit.

Michael Valeroso says carving pumpkins is not just a game but “a way to create a unique piece of art”. 

“It’s pretty cool to see the pumpkin developing a ‘personality’ after carving its exterior skin,” Valeroso told The Richmond News ahead of his appearance at McArthur Glen outlet on October 27 using a 200-pound pumpkin.

 “And I always enjoy using my imagination to create something and seeing people’s reactions.”

Valeroso said his interest in pumpkin carving started at a YVR Halloween event in 2008.

A self-taught carver, he watches tutorial videos and carving pumpkins at home. In addition, he watches an American reality pumpkin-carving competition show, Halloween Wars.

People enjoyed the carver’s work at the Mission Save-on Foods. (Mission City

Valeroso has sculpted funny-looking pumpkins not only for shopping malls but also for the BC Children’s Hospital.

“I hope my artwork can help children forget pain,” said Valeroso.

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