Food: Bao Down gets praise

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Just beginning at Bao Down

by whatsinmymouth

With a toddler in tow, it is difficult to get to places that are not in my neighbourhood or along my regular commuting/shopping routes. So, I always appreciate when my work provides me with the opportunity to try restaurants that I have been planning to get to.

I tried Bao Down in Mount Pleasant. I had the ‘Same Same’ pad thai for $16 and it was worth the money. Thanks to the server for the recommendation for a heartier lunch. The shrimp were large and numerous. The noodles were sauced on the sweeter side but the freshness of the shrimp provided some palette relief. Noodles were perfectly cooked. I liked the presentation style of having the omelette on the side instead of mixed throughout the dish.

If I had to show you an “after” pic, the plate would have been completely empty.

I loved the attentive servers, despite the busy bustle of the lunch crowd. Constant water refills are always a notable gold-star mention for me. I know they have other outlets which have different menu offerings, so hoping to hit some of those in the near future.

Bao Down Gastropub & Raw Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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