Go Fund Me for Mario (Bong) Macarayan

The Macarayan Family with their recently adopted daughters. (GoFundMe photo)

Surrey, B.C.

Updated: February 24, 2020, 10:30 A.M.

Here is the link for donations:



Animators rally around death of colleague’s wife

The death of the wife of a B.C.animator has rallied friends in the industry to support the family through a crowd funding initiative.

A Go Fund Me fundraiser for Bong (Mario) Macarayan whose wife, Fe (Jonafe) Macarayan passed away recently has raised more than half its goal of $20,000 in just two days.

Jonafe (Fe) Macarayan dies of cancer.

The Macarayans were a “wonderfully generous, loving and humble family, “ according to the GoFundMe announcement. They have fostered many children who have called them ‘Mama’and ‘Papa’ to this day. They have recently adopted two of the sisters they fostered.

Fe worked for 7-Eleven and a former co-worker remember her for “her kind smile, her giggle and never, ever getting cross. She epitomizes the word “Love” and I know her legacy will live on.”

Mario Macarayan has been working in the animation industry for a number of years. His credits include

Disney’s Cinderella’s Dollhouse (2001), Disney’s Hot Shots: Cub Chase (1998) and Disney’s Hot Shots: Swampbery Sling (1998).

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