HISTORYA: Walking Through the Story of the Filipino People


The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Edmonton is proud to be part of this year’s Alberta Culture Days 2018 as a celebration site.

HISTORYA: Walking Through the Story of the Filipino People

This interactive activity and exhibit will showcase Philippine History and culture as far back as 10 million years ago up to the present. Guests walk along a timeline, tracing the roots of the Filipino people.

Take attention to a walkthrough timeline of history from the formation of the 7,641-island archipelago, the early beginnings of Filipino civilization, the colonization years up to the country’s democratic independence.

Learn to write your name in baybayin, an ancient script now resurging and being moved as the country’s national writing system; try-out dancing “Tinikling”, a traditional Filipino folk dance; listen to accounts and stories from volunteers wearing various national costumes; watch audio-visual highlighting regional cultures; photograph in a Filipino costume; and lots more!

Guests will be able to understand and realize how one’s culture is shaped and is continued by different aspects such as geography, bioregion and history. One’s national history has a bearing on everyday life, affecting values, customs, choices and relationships. The Philippines has been through a rich and colorful history – one that is definitely worth sharing.

This event is also brought to you by the Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association of Alberta and the Philippine Barangay Performance Arts Society.

We are grateful for the support of the City of Edmonton!


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