Kathara celebrates annual Padayon tomorrow, Sunday

Vancouver, B.C.

Merienda gathering at Collingwood Neighbourhood House at 3:30 P.M.

Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective Society (Kathara) is celebrating the year-end with a traditional merienda on Sunday, December 4, 2022 at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House on Joyce St.

“Kathara Society calls upon our community stakeholders, those who support Indigenous Filipino Identities, who strive towards solidarity with IP (Indigenous Peoples) of the Philippines as well as our Coast Salish host nations as we reflect upon our continued commitment to Padayon, to keep moving forward. To navigate our diasporic existence as a collective, in our greater communities and within ourselves with more regard, intention and direction.”

The event is free to Indigenous-identifying community members are all invited to attend without cost. Donations from non-Indigenous are accepted.the event. If you wish to be a full voting member, forward $20 Interac payment to katharainfo@gmail.com with the security password: Kathara. Payments are accepted on event day.

“Fulfilling the institutional components of an annual general meeting (AGM), we create this event with intention beyond colonial constructs to connect together as diasporic Filipino/a/x on personal and collective decolonizing journeys.
We invite all to come participate and share in merienda (afternoon snack) and attune with Kathara Society and its work in 2022. From there we can learn ways to participate in 2023 while gathering input from our members about where to point our canoes.”


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