Malaya Marcelino and Jon Reyes win in Manitoba

Jon Reyes, PC and Malaya Marcelino, NDP were the only successful candidates in the Manitoba election out of a field of six. (Photo composite by Philippine Canadian

Updated: Sept. 12, 2019, 8:02 PM

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Two wins, four losses

Ted Marcelino losses seat to Cindy Lamoureux


By Ted Alcuitas

Two Filipino Canadian candidates won their seats while four others were not successful in Tuesday’s (September 10) Manitoba election.

Incumbent Jon Reyes, Conservative, won in the Waverley riding while Malaya Marcelino,NDP, won in the Notre Dame riding. This is the second term for Reyes and a first for Marcelino.

The two won big over their closest opponents with Marcelino garnering 3,361 over the PC with 789. Reyes had 3,361 over the NDP with 1,865. 

Reelected MLA Jon Reyes celebrates victory with his family – Reyna, Manuel and wife Cynthia. (Photo: Jon Reyes Facebook)

Incumbent Ted Marcelino, NDP, who was seeking a third term in Tyndall Park lost to Liberal Cindy Lamoureux. The Liberals got 4,293 and the NDP 2,447. Lamoureux is the daughter of Kevin Lamoureax, the MP for Winnipeg North since 2010. Kevin is an icon in the Filipino community and his influence must have played a role in Marcelino’s defeat. 

The happy winner,Malaya Marcelino (right) was congratulated by Narima Dela Cruz of Surrey, B.C. who happened to be in town during the election. (Photo: Narima Dela Cruz FB)

The results of the election have reduced the number of Filipinos in the Legislature to two from the previous three. Flor Marcelino, NDP, did not run in this election.

The Conservatives have a majority with 36 seats and the NDP with 18 seats. The Liberals had only three seats, reduced from the previous four and lost official status.

Reyes, who was elected to his first term as MLA for St. Norbert on April 19, 2016,  was subsequently appointed as Manitoba’s Special Envoy for Military Affairs. As a result of recent electoral boundary changes, he choose to run  in the newly-formed constituency of Waverley.

Will he get a cabinet posting in the new government? Given the strong political presence of Winnipeg’s Filipino community, Premier Brian Pallister will do well to consider Reyes. The NDP had appointed the retiring Flor Marcelino to a cabinet position during her term. Marcelino was interim party leader prior to Wab Kinew’s election as party leader.


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