Marcelino leaves post as Honorary Consul for Winnipeg


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Marcelino leaves post
By Ted Alcuitas

After less than three years, Orli Marcelino is leaving the post as Honorary Consul for Winnipeg, a post he held since August 2013.

In a letter dated March 8, 2016 and reported by The Pilipino Express today, Marcelino expressed thanks for being given the oppourtunity to serve. The letter was addressed to the newly – appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alejandro Almendras.

His departure leaves Manitoba without consular services and has to be served by visiting officials from the Toronto consulate from time to time. Manitobans have petitioned Philippine authorities to reopen consular services after it announced the suspension of Marcelino a year ago.

The loss of Marcelino and consular services followed the announcement last month of the opening of a new consular office in Calgary, Alberta.

Marcelino is the husband of Flor Marcelino, NDP MLA for Logan and the brother of Ted Marcelino, NDP MLA for Tyndall Park.

Both MLAs are running for reelection in the April 19, 2016 provincial election.

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