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MetroVan Independent News focusing online

By Ted Alcuitas

Barely a month after their first year anniversary, the upstart Metrovan Independent News is calling it quits but will continue as a digital paper.

In a surprise announcement posted on line on May 13, 2016, publishers Steve and Luisa Marshall broke the news to its readers “with heavy hearts…”, hinting that the disruption could be temporary.(

The publishers believe that important things were being ignored by the Filipino media in B.C.’s lower mainland when they started the paper a year ago.

It went on the attack, starting head-on with other publishers, most notably the Juatcos of the Philippine Chronicle with exposes of alleged wrongdoings.

Arguably, the paper did excellent investigative reporting, earning the support of people in the community while attracting the ire of some.

MVI-News-Logo-702x336In its anniversary issue Steve Marshall revealed that they were subjected to “Death Threats (sic), Threats (sic) of suing, Unsubstantiated (sic), attacks from other newspapers, full on attacks on Facebook involving supposed leaders in the community all stemming from individuals angry at us for exposing issues they created themselves.”
In the same breathe, he admitted that “the newspaper was not for the weak of heart…It takes a lot of work and personal sacrifice to do the job properly. I learned if you stand up for things you believe in there will be a cost.”

The paper’s consulting editor, Yul Baritugo did not respond our request for comment.
Both Steve and Luisa Marshall are on a road trip in the east with Luisa’ Simply the Best Band to raise funds for Canada’s veterans suffering from PTSD.

Sadly perhaps, the end has come for the paper despite its valiant effort to “make a difference”.

As a fellow publisher and journalist, we mourn the passing of Metrovan Independent News and wish them well in its digital form, albeit it is in open competition with philippine canadian

2 thoughts on “MetroVan Independent News calls it quits”

  1. Tenny soriano/editor Waves news toronto

    Its a thankless job community journalism has many challenges : indifference
    Apathy true its not for the weakhearted
    For its brief existence i commend the metro ban

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