Mga talaarawan ng mga Nanay (2)

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” ~Maya Angelou

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Surrey, B.C.

Ang Yaman ni Inay (My Mother’s Treasure)

Narima Dela Cruz

Because of her – beautiful, stunning, and confident in all these B & W photos that I found in my files while “digging and sorting” this stay home times- I had become the strong, courageous woman I constantly strive to be for these two wondeful kids who are reasons why I am also called “mom” – with her in 3 photos below, 2 when she visited us here in Vancouver, and another on their visit to her in the Philippines. They just spoke with her few minutes ago, greeting her “Happy Lola’s Day!” 😊

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY indeed to the two of us, as well as to all momma’s in the world!

I also wish to share light and love to those who may be feeling sadness and sorrow on this day — those who lost a mother, mothers who lost a child, and those who longs to be a mother. May God’s love keep you all warm and at peace with comfort and guidance — always. 💐💗💕


My life has been surrounded through the years by many strong women – family, friends, mentors, colleagues, younger ones – my daughter included – and yet there is only one I will eternally be grateful to for instilling the foundation that makes me be the woman I am today. I didn’t really get all of her good looks pastedGraphic.png🙁 and I know I got my sense of wisdom from my father pastedGraphic_1.png🙂 but the strength, courage, and moral principle are integrality of the upbringing she has bestowed on me mostly by example.

She will turn 75 this year, her physique exhausted by the growing years of her life but her spirit keeps stronger by the experiences life itself brings, her gift of love unfading. Indeed, I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me!

On this photo last year when I visited the motherland, she embraced with pride this pink-embedded gift from my former University which I handed to her at the Ceremony, and in my heart through all the days I have been missing a lot being oceans away, I know I will forever share with her the merits and laurels my life will bless me with.

On International Women’s Day I celebrate with all women – and pay tribute to my mother, my world’s essence of a woman.

#IWD2017 #InternationalWomensDay

December 11, 2019

ANG YAMAN NI INAY (My Mother’s Treasure)

I grew up seeing my mother elaborately collecting those simple rewards that my siblings and I earned at the end of every school year. Since we lack many material things in my young life, these has always been her treasure – “ang tangi kong yaman” (“my sole riches”) as she would refer to those.

I remember crying as a teenager seeing the early collection of hers thrown all over places when a strong typhoon knocked our place down in 1987 – I thought then that it would discourage her and make her forget all about keeping whatever else would come in the future after that disaster.

But now whenever I visit her at homeland, I’d gushed at how her collection continues to grow – she has her grandchildren adding to those nowadays, and it always makes her happy.

So I promised her that whatever little recognition mementos me and my husband and our children have earned in our humble years living in Canada, I will bring to her the next time I’m home to her again. I know it will make her happier.


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