Monterona exhibits works in Hongkong

Artist Bert Monterona to exhibit works in Hong Kong
By Ted Alcuitas
Vancouver artist Bert Monterona and artistic associate Mylene Maranoc will hold an exhibition in Hong Kong from November 15 to November 27 this year.

The show will feature 16 tapestries to be displayed at the Centre for Community Cultural Development.

The theme of Monterona’s exhibit will be the plight of migrant workers around the globe, and their culture and struggles.

The artists believe that personal relationship will be substantiated by involving themselves in the community, and getting involved in different social and political issues affecting the daily life of people, such as peace and justice, global warming and the environment, socio- economic justice, unity in cultural diversity.

The artists are aiming to raise HK$30,000 through the crowd funding site FringeBacker to finance the costs for their trip.

Monterona is actively involved as an educator and cultural worker working in a wide variety of practices that includes design, illustration, painting, murals, sculpture and installations.

His works have been exhibited in Australia, France, U.S., and Canada. He has won numerous international awards.

Monterona’s works are strongly influenced by social, cultural, religious, spiritual, and political norms.

“My ideas and inspirations come from my daily observation of the environment and events and interaction with the different people and culture,” he says of his works.

His bark-like tapestries use techniques that he developed by using dye, textile paint and acrylic instead of the usual stretched and primed canvas. This is an adherence to indigenous forms that complement his works’ subjects and themes, inspired by tribal hand woven cloth and artifacts.


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