Speakers & curators: Back from left: Jay Catalan, Kei Baritugo, RJ Aquino and JR Guerrero.

Front from left: Alden Habacon, Theresa Fresco and Anna Mae  Abia.
Photos:Joseph Tamayo

Four young dynamic Filipino-Canadians spoke at the launching of Next Day Better in Vancouver on October 3 at the New Westminster Quay.

A jam packed crowd listened to the speakers share their stories of
of how they achieved their goals and the challenges they met along the way.



Theresa Fresco

Theresa Fresco

Theresa Fresco has a passion for collaborative solutions and complex issues. Her global research interests led her to the Angat River Basin in the Philippines. There, she focused her Master’s work on collaborative approaches to water management in partnership with the Planning and Development Office in the Province of #Bulacan. Now at the Fraser Basin Council, she continues to explore approaches to watershed restoration and management engaging government, communities, First Nations, industry, academic and stewardship organizations.


JR GuerreroJR Guerrero

He’s the co-founder of Kathara Indigenous Pilipino Arts Collective Society and tireless advocate for social justice. He promotes Philippine indigenous people’s history and introduces us to art forms that celebrate our ancestors.

His work collaborates incredible academics, artists, and advocates dedicated to help restore vitality, creativity, and a healing vision to our community.

Kei BaritugoKei Baritugo

Kei Baritugo is the founder of BoldLove Communications, a public relations firm for change makers and dream chasers.

Kei is the quintessential connector, able to bridge couture and counter-culture, marry substance with style, and challenge conventional thinking with verve.

“Beyond gastronomic delights and surreal landscapes, my favourite thing about Vancouver is how open this city is to possibilities, new ideas and initiatives — especially in the arts/culture and entrepreneurial spaces.”

Aldrin HabaconAlden E. Habacon

Alden E. Habacon is the Director of Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development at the University of British Columbia and Publisher of Schema Magazine, an online platform about the intercultural identities of 1.5- and Second-Generation Canadians.

“It’s essential to have a depth of understanding of the diversity that is around us, beyond just exposure or having a familiarity. It involves having a more sophisticated understanding of what it means to come from different parts of the world or have thousands of years of family history right here, and how that might affect one’s worldview, communication styles or potential relationship to others.”

Anna Mae AbiaAnna Mae Abia

Anna Mae Abia, city curator, was born in Manila, raised in the Canadian prairies, and now lives in Vancouver. She spends her days as an art director and designer, regularly collaborating with a variety of clients by solving design challenges. She is a firm believer that combining design thinking and marketing strategies can create significant impact in any community.

“Vancouver is known as one of the most livable, sustainable cities in the world that is fueled by a diverse community. We’re excited to amplify these stories at NextDayBetter + Vancouver and cultivate connections by demonstrating how this diversity creates opportunities for new ideas, collaborations, and community building.”

Founded in New York in 2013, Next Day Better is a creative speaker and food series for diaspora communities, celebrating change makers from untapped migrant communities and call them to action. Chapters now include Orlando, San Franciso, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York City, Toronto, Vancouver, London & Manila.