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Vancouver, B. C.

‘Giving’ is theme for NextDayBetter + Vancouver 2016

Updated: December 9, 2016, 7:56 AM

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Network Hub

422 Richards St., Vancouver

1:00 to 1:30pm – Registration
1:30 to 3:00pm – Program (Speakers, food tasting & networking)

Featuring speakers, creatives, and bold changemakers inspired by the Filipino diaspora. This goes beyond your TED-style Talks. This is about action. Eats and libations will be served.

OUR EVENT THEME | December’s theme is “Giving” and will feature stories of some of Vancouver’s community leaders across a variety of disciplines. They will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by our generation and how they give back to their communities to effect real change. Join the conversation as we find the pioneers who activate the community to collaborate, cross-pollinate and cultivate connections in Vancouver, and beyond.

WHAT TO EXPECT | Speakers + Chefs + Community | We are bringing together artists, activists, entrepreneurs, talented chefs and change makers from a wide array of disciplines to help explore the future.

FOOD TASTING | We will have featured chefs and restaurants present their latest culinary creations and libations. Complete list coming soon!

COMMUNITY | Human connection is what it’s all about. Connect with like-minded do-gooders and makers eager to push boundaries during our Networking Break Out Session.

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untitledKAMP is a community-led mentorship program that started in 2008 at the University of British Columbia by students in Kababayan UBC. KAMP provides academic and social support to newly arrived Metro Vancouver Filipino-Canadian youth in order to foster belonging in the public Canadian education system as they transition into and navigate their new lives. By being positive role models and providing mentorship, KAMP aims to empower our community’s youth and hold space for their brilliance.
We are excited to have the founders of KAMP to share their stories on how they make the next day better!


Maureen Mendoza

Social Planner, Community Researcher, Co-Founder + Director

With a background in sociology and urban/social planning, Maureen studied people – often immigrants or children of immigrants – and cities, and now works on projects and plans strengthening and supporting the many relationships between the two. She has worked for local and regional governments, university research projects, and the non-profit settlement service sector. At her time at UBC, she stumbled into community building through research and now explores how community and research can make each other better. KAMP is her way of living her life for something bigger than herself, in this generation and the ones to come.

Rene John-Nicolas, Lawyersqrene-1

Community Activist,

Co-Founder + Director





Michael Infante Accountant, Mentor, Co-Founder + Director
Michael Infante
Accountant, Mentor, Co-Founder + Director



RJ Aquino
Twitter: @rj_aquino


Featured Chefs

Joemel Gracilla & Rosette Samaniego
Kulinarya Filipino Eatery
Instagram: @eatkulinarya

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