Philippines now under grip of two scions of murderers


The election won by lies

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Alcuitas

Based on unofficial results, it is clear that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte has won the election. While Robredo has not conceded yet, analysts say it will be difficult to expect otherwise.

We here in the diaspora is extremely disappointed by the outcome as thousands of us were hoping that Leni Robredo will win against the forces of evil.

But the people has spoken and we respect their decision.

Now our motherland will be ruled by the son and daughter of killers and murderers!

We do not have to repeat what the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. did to the country under his 14-year brutal rule and how Rodrigo Duterte eliminated more than 30,000 so-called drug addicts by extra-judicial killings during his six-year rule.

We do not want to sugarcoat our words – these two were KILLERS and MURDERERS!

But obviously the people choose to ignore their deeds and are now putting their trust into their heirs.  The results were not surprising given the decades of historical revisionism that the Marcos machine had deployed with their billions of stolen money. They employed the might of social media to peddle lies and attacked their opponents including this writer.

This is now my second attempt to fight authoritarianism in my motherland. 

The first was to fight against the Marcos dictatorship and now the Duterte rule.

I have used whatever resources I have to tell the truth about our motherland.

At the moment, I am not sure if I should continue to fight given my advancing age.

Perhaps with some introspection I will come to a decision whether to give up on my Motherland or cling to an elusive hope that somehow change will come.

3 thoughts on “Philippines now under grip of two scions of murderers”

  1. Well put Ted! It’s disheartening that the result of this election is such. But we must not lose hope. That’s the only power we have at the moment.

  2. Corazon Alcuitas

    It is so disconcerting that a lot of people have taken disinformation as the truth. I talked to 2 of my friends in the Philippines: one said she was not able to vote as the poll officials said her name was not on the list! The other one says her son and daughter-in-law also was not permitted to vote as the officials said the same. My friends and family are professionals and have voted previously in their same precincts. Sounds that the voter repression machine is going well!

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