Sa Pinas: Tindero nang balut binaril sa Quezon City kagabi

Updated:July 22, 2020, 9:22 AM

From the post of Photojournalist Jess Aznar. (July 21, 2020)

“The murder continues. A man who was selling balut was gunned down by unidentified assailants in Quezon city just last night. A few days after the new draconian anti-terror law, that resembles that of HongKong’s new law from China, took effect in the country. Public dissent rises as the economy continues to worsen amid the Covid-19 pandemic and poor government response. #everydayphilippines #everydayimpunity #everydayeverywhere #philippines #covid19 #humanrights #ejk Photo by Jun Santiago CSSR @junsantiagocssr

Photo by Jun Santiago CSSR @junsantiagocssr

Who is Brother Jun Santiago?

Bro Jun Santiago walks among church leaders and members after a demonstration calling for “truth, justice, and peace” across Malate Church in Manila, January 25, 2019. (Image by Eloisa Lopez.)

He is a  missionary in the Redemptorist order of the Catholic church known to most as Brother Jun. He is one among a few “rebels” of the Catholic Church resisting President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly “war on drugs.”

According to an article in  The Guardian last year, Santiago provides shelter to victims of the drug war and belongs to a group of Philippine journalists who cover the killings and are called ‘The Night Crawlers”. They document the killings as it happens in the dead of night.

Full article from The Guardian:


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