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Is it open season for raping Filipino women?

By Ted Alcuitas

Duterte’s ‘confession’ of having sexually assaulted their (No,call that rape!) maid is open season for abusing women caregivers and domestic workers abroad and at home.

While mounting another vicious attack on his favourite target – the Catholic Church, he recounted how he assaulted the girl when he was still a young man in a speech at Kidapawan City, Cotabato on December 

“I lifted the blanket… I tried to touch what was inside the panty.”

 “I was touching. She woke up. So I left the room.”

He said he went to the bathroom and proceeded to do “the usual” – meaning he masturbated.

According to media reports, he did this act twice.

Here again, Duterte confirms his low regard for women.

From the beginning when he was Mayor of Davao City and bragged about his failure to be the first man to rape an Australian missionary instead of the prisoners to encouraging soldiers to rape and shot women rebels at their vaginas, Duterte’s latest rant is no surprise.

What is surprising is that women are still not rising up in numbers to say enough of this bullshit!

While women in India recently rose in the millions to demand equality, Filipinas are still nibbling at the fringes.

Ironically, Philippine women senators did not say a word about the President’s latest attack on women.

True, the country’s foremost women’s political and advocacy group, Gabriella quickly denounced the misogynist President’s latest rant as well as others like #BabaeAko and EveryWoman PH, it has not reached the critical mass that can topple Duterte.

“Yung mga pananalita ng Pangulo sa kasalukuyan ay lubhang nakakagalit para sa amin. Hindi na kasya yung poot ng kababaihan sa kaniya. Kailangan rin ang poot ng kalalakihan para hindi pamarisan ang ganitong klase ng opisyal ng pamahalaan,” #BabaeAko co-founder Jean Enriquez told ANC’s Dateline Philippines.

Women’s rights political party Gabriela denounced Duterte’s “repulsive” comments and called for him to resign, saying he had confessed to attempted rape.

“Rape does not happen only through penile insertion. If it is a finger or an object it is considered rape,” said Joms Salvador, secretary general of Gabriela.

The concept of “misogyny” would be alien to a Filipino culture that respects, loves and reveres mothers, said Rodel Rodis in an article in inquirer.net in 2013.

“More than any other people colonized by Spain, Filipinos have elevated the Blessed Virgin Mary to be the equal of the Holy Trinity,” Rodis wrote.

Ironically, it was the Church dogma of the Holy Trinity that Duterte mocked in the speech in which he revealed his attempted rape of the maid.

Like democracy, misogyny is Greek in origin, the combination of “miso” (hatred) and “guno” (woman)

Misogyny is defined as “hatred or dislike for women or girls as manifested in acts of discrimination, denigration and violence towards them and in their sexual objectification,” according to Rodis.

As expected, Duterte’s minions and apologists dismissed this latest embarrassment as yet another ‘joke’.

The President’s new spokesperson, Salvador Panelo,dismissed Gabriela’s statement.

“It is unfortunate that in its zeal to promote its advocacy on the protection of women’s rights as well as in its obsession to put the President in a bad light, the women’s rights group has lost the ability of discerning a reality from a rebuke on the hypocrisy of the priests who molested him and his classmates when they were high school students,” said Panelo.

Duterte’s “laughable anecdote,” he added, was only meant to “dramatize the fact of sexual abuse that was inflicted on him and his fellow students when they were in high school.”

“He purposely added and spliced the story with vulgarity to characterise the behavior of the priest who insisted to hear more sins during their confessions when there were none,” according to him.

The culture of impunity that permeates the Duterte regime from rape to the extra-judicial killings (EJK) is extraordinary. 

No Philippine president has ever done what Duterte does and he is an embarrassment to decent-loving Filipinos everywhere.

As members of the Filipino diaspora in Canada, we denounce his actions and stand with Filipinas back home and those who toil in countries abroad so that the Philippine economy can survive with their remittances.

They do not deserve the ignominy of Duterte!