Teilhard ‘Ty’ Paradela wins VP post for UBC’s GSS

Vancouver, B.C.

Breaking: Pinoy grad student wins

Teilhard ‘Ty’ Paradela has been elected Vice-President Academic and University Affairs of the UBC Graduate Student Society (GSS).

He thanks his supporters with this message posted on his Facebook page.

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you all for your support in my candidacy for the position of VP Academic and University Affairs of the UBC Graduate Student Society (GSS).

Because of your trust in me, I have been elected to the position. Now the real work begins not only for me but also for you to ensure continuity and consistency in the GSS.

Read: http://philippi.mywhc.ca/?s=paradela

So please keep on asking questions about the society, voicing your concerns as graduate students, suggesting solutions for the challenges we all face, engaging in university activities, and offering support to me and the newly elected executives of the GSS as well as to the councillors who have constituted the backbone of the society for all these years.
Cheers, Ty

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