The Class of 2021: Outstanding graduates honoured by Pinays Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pinays Manitoba’s Young Pinay Citizenship Award 2021

Teodoro Alcuitas
Editor, (PCN.Com)
Four young Filipino secondary school graduates have been honoured with the Young Pinay Citizenship Award for their outstanding achievements.
They are the first recipients of the award by Pinays Manitoba Inc.,  a local organization of Filipino women established in 2016  to recognize, uplift and support Filipino women in Manitoba. Its major annual event is held on International Women’s Day to acknowledge the achievements of women in the community.
The four honourees are:
Rosemary Perez
 Rosemary Perez graduated from Sisler High School with an average of 94%. She will be attending the University of Manitoba and focus her studies on Genetics. Rosemary has volunteered as part of the Zoo Camp Crew at Assiniboine Park Zoo.
Tiffany Bautista
Tiffany Bautista graduated from Sisler High School with an average of 92.4% average, completing a very tough academic schedule. She received an A+ in the University of Manitoba Calculus Challenge course, which included her completing Calculus I and Calculus II at the university level. She will be attending the University of Manitoba for Asper’s School of Business, in hopes of becoming an Actuarial Mathematician.
Dixie Bughaw
 Dixie Bughaw is an exemplary example of student leadership, on and off the court. She was involved in volleyball, basketball, and student council, while continuing to keep her high academic average, including awards for honour roll with distinction. She is the Valedictorian for her graduating class at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute (DMCI). With the Young Pinay Citizenship Award, she is also the recipient of the Joe Ogoms 2021 given to a female student athlete who represents the determination expected of high-level athlete.
Clainorr Hernandez
Clainorr Hernandez has always been a positive influence on her school team, as well as being a role model striving for excellence in the classroom. She is on the honour roll with distinction at Danel McIntyre.
Every teacher who taught her noted her grit towards excellence. She was involved in city forums such as The State of the City Address to discuss racism in Winnipeg, and continually finds ways to make her neighbourhood better. On the volleyball court, she was a silent leader and a keen observer who worked hard and inspired others with her constant improvement.
“The Young Pinay Citizenship Award is a project of Pinays Manitoba Inc. designed to give recognition to admirable graduating student whose leadership has inspired, and positively influenced others at her school and her community.. we can’t wait to see what these young Pinay achievers will do next,” said Araceli Ancheta, Pinays Manitoba president.
Source: Pilipino Express News Magazine
All photos from Pilipino Express


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