Toronto: Paulina Corpuz hopes to be first Filipino councillor

Well-known community advocate  Paulina Corpuz aims to be first Filipina councillor. (Facebook)


Scarborough, Ontario

Only two candidates remain in running after changes


By Ted Alcuitas

Voting day: October 22, 2018


I am Paulina Corpuz. I came to Canada in 1993, with my 11-month old child, reuniting with my husband who came before me. Like you, I experienced the challenges of finding a job and losing a job, seeking an affordable place to stay, looking for affordable childcare and better City recreation programs, riding the bus and the subway, and much more. Your story is my story too.

I have more than 25 years of community service. I started volunteering 3 months after landing in Scarborough. I held various volunteer jobs starting from an office volunteer to co-founder and leading an advocacy arts group as well as a parents’ association.

Like you, I educated myself while working and taking care of my children. I have studied and completed Business Analysis Certified Professional , a Change Management Certified Professional, Life Skills Coach Training, and National Certificate in Voluntary & Non-Profit Sector Management from the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy.

Currently, I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an accounting and bookkeeping company as well as a writer, producer and host of the Filipino TV program, Workers Agenda.

Let me bring our stories

I love Scarborough. It is my home. Scarborough Southwest NEEDS a CHANGE that MATTERS.    TOGETHER we must work to make a Scarborough that is revitalized,   vibrant, green, healthy, safe, accessible and affordable.

On October 22, 2018, ELECT me as your Councillor, Scarborough Southwest.

Excerpts from Toronto Star

October 13 at 1:29 PM

While transit and affordable housing are key issues in the Scarborough Southwest ward, candidate Paulina Corpuz said a special focus has to be put on children and youth, especially in priority neighbourhoods. The mother of three said it pains her to see the provincial government cut youth-oriented funding, such as the recently announced axing of $500,000 for at-risk youth arts programs.

If elected, Paulina Corpuz says she will advocate for more programs aimed at improving youth mental health, education, mentoring and after-school arts and culture activities.

“In 2016 Toronto was declared the capital city of child poverty, and we have all these elected officials. Have they made a difference in raising the quality of life for our poor families? I don’t think our current council has done a lot in that regard,” she said, referring to a report from Children’s Aid Society and other social agencies that found Toronto had the highest rate of child poverty of all Canadian major urban areas.

If elected on council, Corpuz, who has led many community initiatives in Filipino-Canadian circles, said she would advocate for more programs aimed at improving youth mental health, education, mentoring and after-school arts and culture activities. She believes well-mentored youth are the foundation of a successful future.


Randy Bucao is a native of Talisay, Cebu. (Facebook)

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