Valentine’s Day: Love that never stops

A love story

The painter and his muse

An enduring love story has been playing in social media for sometime now. We thought we would share it with you this Valentine’s Day.

‘Necie Forever’

By Romi Necie MananQuil

Necie inspired Art:

“Banduria Belle”

In time for Valentines Day, I dedicate this post for Necie, the love of my life, who, sadly, for the first time, won’t be with me physically to celebrate this day. This painting is my most precious painting inspired by Necie (other than her portraits). It’s still based on that favorite picture of her, showing Necie’s true character and traits: beauty, modesty, simplicity and decorum. I love you and I truly miss you! 

Happy Valentines, Necie, my Love!

“Lady Playing a Harp”

 Oil on canvas


This was the first painting inspired by my favorite picture of Necie (which shows her facing to the right). Since my reference showed a lady facing to the left, I have to turn Necie’s face, as well. I wanted to depict a Spanish era Filipina, and so for authenticity purposes, I researched on her looks, costume and, of course, the harp which were all in black and white. This now belongs to one of my earlier collectors in Canada.

Silent Victory

My courtship of Necie was mostly felt, indirect and not verbal. I was too shy to say how serious I was and how much I loved her. I just made her feel that by regularly  seeing her in their house and happily engaging her in conversing on practically anything except my real intentions. With this, I slowly won her confidence and interest. Later, I felt she was beginning to like me. After more than 3 years of my romantic campaign, she accepted me silently, too, by giving me her picture with a dedication that ended in “Love, Necie” and teased me afterwards! Suddenly I was speechless and almost unbelieving that, finally, I won!

“Lumang Kubo”

I saw this scene in her hometown, Binmaley, when Necie and I took a different route in one of our walks to the Lingayen Beach. It was a clearly abandoned and dilapited hut which inspired me to paint the beauty behind the ruins. I took pictures from all angles of the hut and the entire surroundings, selected the best items and fused them together with needed changes in this painting.







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