We shall overcome

A Message from Fr. Amado Picardal

(Ed’s note:Fr. Picardal has been in self-exile in Rome for a number of years now to escape the Duterte regimes’ effort to kill him,

Onward, Warriors of the Light. This is not the last fight. There are more battles to come.
Whatever the immediate outcome remember there is no total victory, no total defeat in this life.
Don’t gloat or be euphoric over a momentary victory. The fight is not yet over. It can be a step forward to greater victories or it could be pyrrhic – so costly that it can end in defeat.
If you think the battle is lost, don’t despair. A momentary defeat is only a temporary setback and a learning experience that can ultimately lead to victory.
The struggle for a better world is long and hard. Never give up, never stop fighting in face of apparent defeat or victory.
No matter how long it takes, be assured that ultimately good will triumph over evil. We shall overcome.

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