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Man has always reflected on an illustrated face of God.
In the Bible, in the Book of John, chapter 14, verse 9, Jesus Christ said “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”
But the Bible does not give a physical description of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who became man, born in Bethlehem and crucified on the Cross on Good Friday. Good because Jesus conquered death as evidenced by an empty tomb on Easter Sunday, and his several re-appearances.
The question remains: how did Jesus Christ possibly look like based on some clues given by the Bible and Jesus’ historical human ancestry?
A Professor of Christian Origins and Second Temple Judaism at King’s College London, Joan Taylor Ph.D., leading expert on the world of Jesus with a historical and archaeological focus, wrote a book What Did Jesus Look Like?
“In seeking to understand the appearance of Jesus, Taylor scoured western art and relics, memories and traditions, and ultimately relied on early texts and archaeology to create a visualization of Jesus that she considered more authentic. In this reconstruction, Taylor stresses that Jesus was not only a Jewish man of Middle Eastern appearance, with ‘olive-brown skin‘, but probably quite short-haired. He wore very basic clothing and was ‘scruffy’.”
What Did Jesus Look Like?
The Filipino Edition converses with Joan Taylor this coming Easter Sunday April 9, 2023. The radio program starts at 7:30 am until 8:30 am Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada date and time.
By radio in Greater Vancouver – The Filipino Edition is on CKYE RED FM 93.1 and FM 89.1 The program can be heard in Greater Vancouver, parts of Vancouver Island, and around Bellingham / Blaine, Washington State, USA
If you are in other parts of the world, you can listen by live-streaming online on Resurrection Sunday April 9, 2023 from 7:30 am until 8:30 am (Vancouver BC Canada date and time) at https://vancouver.redfm.ca/
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In Jerusalem Israel, The Filipino Edition can be live-streamed from 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm Sundays
How To Live-Stream the Filipino Edition Radio Show
Go online to https://vancouver.redfm.ca/ – click Listen Live – then select REDFM Vancouver. Before and after the show will be South Asian language programming.
In some countries, live-streaming might freeze now and then. Just refresh and the show will come back.
Note: This show originally aired April 17, 2022.

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