Winnipeg’s Magdaragat Philippines Inc. performs in Chile

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Famed dance company represented the Philippines in international folkdance festival

By Ted Alcuitas


Winnipeg’s Magdaragat Philippines Inc. represented the Philippines at the 5th Encuentro International de Folklore held in Chile from January 31 to February 2.

Magdaragat was one of two dance troupes from Canada.

Summer Bear Dance Troupe, a First Nation dance troupe , was the other participant.

The 40-year old Magdaragat founded by the late Dante Buenaventura runs one of two Philippine pavilions – Pearl of the Orient during, Winnipeg’s annual Folklorama.

Seven countries were represented in the international Folk festival showcasing folkdancers from all over the world.

Members pose with Philippine flag. (Facebook)

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