Food blogger is satisfied with New York’s Pizza Boy II

By Monica Urrutia

I fulfilled a travel dream of mine and spent new year’s eve 2017 in New York City. While the cold snap tried to keep my foodie dreams unfulfilled I was determined to have a “pizza experience”. I missed out on a restaurant recommendation from my friend M. because I was completely unaware that I was so close to it when I was freezing, while still enjoying the beach scenery at Coney Island. I was only going to be in NYC for a short time so feeling the crunch I ‘resorted’ to pizza around the corner from where I was staying. I’m happy to share that my random restaurant luck continues!

I found myself at Pizza Boy II. My God daughter R. was with me and upon entry, we were brusquely greeted by an unsmiling and rather tall guy. However, a second guy was a bit more friendly so I asked him some questions and was pleased with his replies.

I’m not sure if it is a common thing for NYC, but at Pizza Boy II you can only order pizzas in medium or a large-sized pizza (or at least that is all they had advertised on the wall menu.) Their single slices were huge, so since we were feeding six with varying pizza desires, we decided on a medium tailored-made with toppings we chose, then bought two single-sliced Hawaiians to round out the batch.

Only after ordering did I realize that I definitely made the right decision as I watched the second man create my pizza from scratch. Medium at Pizza Boy II is what I would say is a large or maybe even extra large in Vancouver, so we had more than enough to fill everyone up.


We went with classic pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage toppings. I loved the randomness of each bite, temporarily letting go of my need for order and equality. The mushrooms were large and the sausage/pepperoni was a good ratio. The pizza dough was the perfect texture to allow for folding, which kept all those delicious flavour juices from the pizza in my bites where they belong! My mouth is watering thinking of it. I don’t normally post photos of myself eating the food, but I will today to help depict how satisfied I was. It was masmasarap!


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