It’s Safe to Say, Safety Never Stops on Board Go Transit and UP Express

Actor and comedian Darryl Hinds demonstrates the various safety measures introduced by GO Transit.

It’s Safe to Say, Safety Never Stops on Board Go Transit and UP Express


Metrolinx pulls out all the stops to ensure the health and safety of GO & UP riders in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area with its Safety Never Stops campaign. It has put in place 40+ safety measures to make sure that this world-class transit system is also the safest. Earlier this year the province had issued a guidance document for transit agencies and Metrolinx has implemented every recommendation.

“When you do return, you’ll find a different transit experience,” says Metrolinx President and CEO, Phil Verster. “Safety Never Stops isn’t a slogan for our team. It’s our commitment. Every day. Every train. Every bus. Every trip. Everyone.”

So what can riders expect as they return to their seats? Here’s what:

  • Face coverings are required for customers on all GO Transit and UP Express vehicles and stations.
  • 3,720 hand sanitizer dispensers are being added to each entry zone of trains.
  • Use of long acting antimicrobial germ protecting barriers on trains, buses and stations.
  • Reusable cloth face coverings, face shields, gloves and hand sanitizer have been distributed to all frontline staff.
  • Polycarbonate screens (protective barriers) have been installed on buses and at stations.
  • Additional deep cleaning and disinfecting on all coaches.
  • Trains/coaches are kept out of service for deep cleaning when a person with COVID-19 is suspected of being on that train.
  • Health checks/screening for crews and other critical staff.

Education for both customers and staff has also been key throughout this effort. Health & Safety Kiosks have been placed at various GO stations, where customers are able to voluntarily check their temperature, find out about proper hand hygiene, and learn about the benefits of wearing a face covering while travelling on transit. New way-finding and signage to support physical distancing have also been installed. The use of face covering at stations and in trains/busses has been mandated. Riders are also encouraged to use the PRESTO App to load their PRESTO cards in a safe and contactless way as they travel across the region.

Metrolinx is closely monitoring ridership and is making every effort to adjust services. In doing so, it encourages customers to check the refreshed schedules before planning their travels.

The Safety Never Stops platform extends to become a creative multi-media campaign that drives awareness and helps humanize the actions taken to provide safe transit.

A 45-second video starring actor/comedian Daryl Hinds demonstrates all of the various safety measures. As with its past campaigns, Metrolinx managed to inject some humour into a relatively serious subject.

The marketing effort will also include a multicultural campaign that will reach out to specific communities, like the Filipinos, West Asians, Black audiences, Chinese and South Asians communities.

This campaign will adopt a digital-first approach to help raise awareness of the safety measures and inspire confidence in welcoming customers back to transit.

Metrolinx is going to great lengths to put customers’ minds at ease, because truly onboard GO and UP transit Safety Never Stops.

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