Levy Abad poetry

Updated: June 19, 2016, 9:00 AM

A poem tribute to the town of Caraga ,
Davao Oriental

By Levy Abad
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Caraga, how can I forget you?

You are the source of my strength

You gave birth to my ancestors

You taught me to be stubborn

You taught me to be tough yet gentle

I shed tears when I remember you and my forebears

I cannot even light a candle on the grave of my grandparents, uncles, unties, cousins

How can I forget you?

When forgetting you is like a curse to my soul

Your rivers Caraga and Manurigao taught me how to swim

Your streams in Tigbawan quench my thirst

You trained me not to leave my food or drinks unattended

Trained me to be watchful and always care for family , relatives and friends

No matter how far I wander in this world my Kamayo, Mandaya Princess ancestor cry out “Kin-u kaw uli?”

My soul pleads , ” Kisuom Umpo Inay, Kisuom!

How can I forget you?

How many tribes perished just to bring me to this space in time?

I can sense Bagani spirits clearing my paths and teaching me to be compassionate and just

You have whispered poems, melodies and songs in my dreams

I always remember you and pray that you are at peace

You are my light .

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