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Retraction and Apology to Norilyn Delos Reyes

The website published certain articles on August 23, 2019 about Ms. Norilyn Delos Reyes which questioned her relationship with Tatay Tom Avendano, and republished allegations that she exploited vulnerable caregiver clients of the Multicultural Helping House Society, for her personal gain, by pressuring them into buying insurance policies they did not want.

We accept that these allegations about Ms. Norilyn Delos Reyes are not true and we retract and withdraw them. We apologize to Ms. Norilyn Delos Reyes for any distress that our publications caused her.

-- Ted Alcuitas, Editor and Publisher

Blog: Heritage Asian Eatery

What’s in my mouth? Food Blog Sharing what I think is Mmm…Sarap! Home About NOVEMBER 9, 2017WHATSINMYMOUTH By Monica Urrutia Hearty Eats at Heritage Asian Eatery When attending meetings in Downtown Vancouver, choosing...

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