Regina, Saskatchewan

Labour leader calls policy racist

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Alcuitas

Editor, Philippine Canadian News.Com

A Filipino car executive said he “could not sleep” after witnessing a group of workers at Dollarama being berated by a manager for speaking in Filipino (not Tagalog as mistakenly called) in the store.

Jay Bercades was in the store in south Regina on May 10 shopping for garden tools when he overheard one of the ladies “referring sternly to the other ladies. I overheard her talking, sternly telling them to speak in ‘English only, English only,'” Bercades told CBCNews.

He said he understood the ladies were coversing  in the Filipino language when they were reprimanded.

Bercades, a manager at a Regina auto sales outlet told CBC News that he was “appalled and shock” to observe such treatment.

He said he felt morally compelled to speak out and called media.

According to the CBC report, the manager told Bercades “it’s the rules,” after he said that what she was doing was “not right”.

“We do ask our employees to speak English on the sales floor to ensure clear communications between team members and with customers,” Lyla Radmanovich, a spokeswoman for Dollarama, told CBC in an email.

This is not the first time that Dollarama was accused of racism in the workplace. In December 2017, an employee at the Main Street Dollarama in Penticton told customers to “go back to the rez where you belong.” The employee no longer works with the company, according to a Dollarama spokesperson.