Philippines Historama uses  traditional dance, and songs to tell the story of a birth of a nation. The cultural performing arts group, Kababayang Pilipino takes part in the presentation.(Photo Provided)

Updated: 8:45 AM, May 16, 2019

The Birth of a Nation

Patricia Chan

The Philippines is a country with a deep and rich cultural history, which is often little known to modern day Filipinos. Here in Canada, Filipino Canadians make up the third largest subgroup of overseas Filipinos and we have a strong sense of pride in the country where we or our parents or grandparents before us came from. 

As immigrants or children/grandchildren of immigrants, however, we are often removed from our roots. Philippines Historama is the perfect opportunity to re-connect and to learn more about those who went before us and made the life that we have today possible.

“Philippines Historama: the Birth of a Nation” is a creative chronicling of the history of the Philippines through short plays, songs, and dance. It was initially launched in 2012 and is returning to Vancouver by popular demand on Saturday May 25th in advance of Philippine History Month in June and as part of this year’s explorASIAN festival. 

Co-written by historian Atty. Bernie Julve and community leader Carmelita Salonga Tapia, with input from the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver, it was first presented on June 9th, 2012 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre as part of a series of events commemorating the 114th anniversary of Philippine Independence from Spanish Rule. 

Philippines Historama features a cast of over 100 local Filipino artists and performers, and chronicles the struggles and sacrifices of the Filipinos in their fight for independence from their colonizers, as well as in their pushing back against mismanagement from elected government officials over the years.

Philippines Historama uses storytelling, traditional dance, and songs (including mostly patriotic and revolutionary hymns contemporaneous with key historical events) to help the audience learn about and understand the little-known history of the Philippines.

This year, Philippines Historama will be held at Frederic Wood Theatre at the University of British Columbia (6354 Crescent Road, Vancouver) from 2:00-5:00 pm, with a special VIP lunch reception at 12:30 pm at the lobby of the C.K. Choi Building at UBC (1855 West Mall, Vancouver). 

Philippines Historama 2019 is co-presented by The Pacific Canada Heritage Centre — Museum of Migration (PCHC-MoM) Society and KABABAYAN UBC Filipino Students Association, with support from the Philippines Studies Series, the Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Program, and St. John’s College at the University of British Columbia. It is produced by the Philippines Historama Society of BC, Bibak of BC, and Philcas of BC. 

(Patricia Chan is  a 27- year old aspiring writer, recently out of grad school. She studied English Literature at Western University  in London, Ontario and have gone on to do a graduate diploma in Christian Theology at Regent College.

The young mother is a huge lover of nature and animals. She has embraced a vegan lifestyle.)


Date & Time: Saturday May 25th, 2:00-5:00 pm 

* Seating starts at 1:45 pm, please arrive early

Venue: Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC (6354 Crescent Road, Vancouver)

* VIP luncheon @ C.K. Choi Building Lobby (1855 West Mall, Vancouver)


  • Regular: $15 (includes refreshments)
  • VIP: $50 (includes pre-show Filipino lunch)

Check out this video clip of Philippines Historama’s last production in Burnaby:

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please email: [email protected]