Benson Flores: First Filipino to settle in Canada in 1861

Vancouver, B.C.

Broadcast journalist Joseph Lopez stumbles on hidden history

A planned hike up Mount Gardner in British Columbia’s Bowen Island in May 2011 led to the accidental discovery of a piece of history buried in the pages of a book at the village library. That discovery led to a decades-long quest by the host of The Filipino Edition on Red FM (CKYE RED FM 93.1 and FM 89.1) scouring census records, cemetery and other archival records to track down Benson Flores. In 2021, Lopez finally revealed his discovery to the media  resulting in numerous interviews including a play ‘Buto-buto (Bones) based on Benson Flores and a new entry in The Canadian Encyclopedia.

This TikTok episode by Kimmortal is the latest addition to the continuing saga of Benson Flores who died in April  11, 1929 and buried in an unmarked grave at the Vancouver Cemetery.

There is an ongoing project to erect a tombstone on his grave to memorialize Flores including  a short documentary film.


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