Book to inspire women of colour launched

Vancouver, B.C. 

Nicolas-Lewis brings memoir to Canada to spread message of “faith, hope, love”

By Charmaine Y. Rodriguez

With all her accomplishments in life, Filipino-American philanthropist, CEO and activist Loida Nicolas-Lewis can add a new one as she turned 80 years old—being a best-selling author.

“Since we started the preordering, I was number 1 in New Releases on Amazon. In the Filipino community, I am heartened because in every event, the books get sold out,” she told Philippine Canadian News over the sidelines of her book launch in Vancouver.

The promo for her book “Why Should Guys Have All the Fun?” says it is a memoir to bring to the world an inspiring and uplifting story of how an ordinary person can rise to achieve extraordinary things.

“I’m just like any ordinary Filipino. I’ve got faith, I’ve got hope and I’ve got love,” she said with conviction.

Lewis is the Chair and CEO of TLC Beatrice, LLC, a family investment firm and she holds the distinction of being the first Asian American woman to own a billion-dollar enterprise.

Her life as an immigrant in America tells readers about her life as an immigration lawyer and activist. However, the book begins with her adventure-packed Philippine upbringing.

“A torrid love affair with brilliant, irascible financier Reginald Lewis follows, as does regal living in Manhattan and Paris, and gut-wrenching loss, all before she shockingly commandeers a multibillion-dollar, multinational conglomerate and leads it with aplomb,” a promo for her book reads.

“You’ll learn how she dealt with her husband’s untimely death at the age of 50 and how she managed to raise two independent daughters even as she shepherded a multinational corporation to record earnings,” a teaser for the book reads.

Lewis also shares her own personal journey as a daughter, wife and mother.

She said despite the title, a lot of males have purchased the book. But they have informed her that they will give it to their wives or daughters.

Lewis believes it will be a great gift to women of color or to any woman who is aspiring to achieve great things.

“Sexism is still very much alive. By reading the book, they will know that we can do it…kaya natin… whatever challenge is in front of us,” she added.

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