British Columbia

NDP forms majority government


Teodoro Alcuitas

Editor, Philippine Canadian news.Com

The first and only Filipino provincial politician has been declared elected by the CBC two hours after the polls closed in today’s election.

Mable Elmore took her Vancouver-Kensington seat for the fourth term defeating her Liberal opponent by a wide margin.

Jaeden dela Torre was a close second to the incumbent Liberal opponent Teresa Wat at Richmond North Centre

The Green Cyrus Sy also run second to the NDP in New Westminster.

All party leaders, NDP Leader John Horgan, Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau were all re-elected. (Global News)

The NDP will form a majority government in British Columbia for the first time in more than 20 years, CBC News projects, as voters opted to stay the course in a tumultuous year and send leader John Horgan back to the legislature as the only consecutive two-term premier in his party’s history.

As of 10:00 p.m. PT, Horgan and the NDP are projected to take 55 of 87 seats in the B.C. Legislature. It will be the first NDP majority since 1996.

The Liberals are projected to hold 29 seats, while the Greens have three.

While there are still close to 500,000 mail-in ballots to be counted which will take two weeks, analysts are saying the results will not change the over-all numbers greatly.

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