Jose Osano (in Facebook photo) is recovering from a stroke but faces deportation.

Calgary, Alberta

Sick temporary worker faces deportation

Jose Osano, a temporary foreign worker in Calgary, is facing deportation despite being hospitalized following a stroke last Dec. 11, according to the crowd funding site GoFundMe.

The 46-year old father of three who hails from Iloilo has been in Canada for seven years and was working as a mechanic at a Toyota dealership in Calgary.

According to GoFundMe, Osano’s work permit expired in March 2015 and he is no longer covered by the province’s health medical plan.

He is paralayzed on the left part of his body and needs in-patient hospital care and rehabilitation. He is presently confined in a hospital in Calgary which the post did not name.

He is reportedly in the process of being deported due to the expiry of his work permit and considered ‘inadmissible’ under the Foreign Temporary Workers Program (FTWP).

He is fighting to be allowed to stay in Canada as a permanent resident for humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

According to the organizers of the crowd funding, the money raised will help pay his legal bills as well as medical and personal expenses.

Osano has a wife and three children in the Philippines, the youngest son is 10 years old.


Jose Osano and family in a Facebook post in 2011.