Coronavirus Chronicles 2: Singer-songwriter Levy Abad sings of Covid

Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter Levy Abad sings about the Coronavirus. (Screenshot, Levy Abad Facebook)


Winnipeg, Manitoba

These Covid Days

Lyrics /Music ( March 27,2020)

Levy Abad


These Covid days can make you weary

Where this virus all begun

Or did our sins made God angry
Or was the germ made in Wuhan

So silently it roams the pathways

Like the grim reaper’s kiss of death

It kills the life and all the laughter

Tries to paralyze dissent

These covid days can make you wonder

Of all the Empires’ dirty tricks

While we rage and wage resistance

To now desolate and empty streets

These covid days as foretold by prophets

Prey on the poor and countless souls

But martyrs spirits rise to shield us

From the devil’s unseen horde

For sure the gods of greed are worried 

of poems and songs that echo hope

In times that mammon made uncertain 

Love and compassion’s the antidote

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