Death of young father ‘devastates’ family

Facebook photo of Ordinario family.

Abuloy raises more than $10,000

Vancouver, B.C. – A tragic biking accident has claimed the life of Ronald ‘Nonoy’ Ordinario, leaving behind a wife and three children.

Ordinario, an avid cyclist and basketball enthusiast, was sideswiped by a dump truck in Richmond on Nov. 5 as he was returning home from one of his three jobs.

The 37- year old father who came to Canada from his home province of Davao to follow his sister Jane and other siblings, was a founding member of Migrante B. C. , a grassroots organization advocating for the rights of migrant workers.

He was credited with organizing the Men’s Basketball League of Migrante which is now an annual event for the past six years.

He leaves behind his wife, Nie-Ann Amante, sons Rainier (9) and Rhyan (6), and a 3 month- old Reanna, his mother, three sisters and another brother.

A crowd funding initiative through Go Fund Me website has raised more than $10,000 which will be given to the family, according to organizers.

The Filipino tradition of ‘abuloy’ which literally translates as ‘aid’ is still practiced abroad where Filipinos are located. Instead of giving flowers, mourners give financial aid to the bereaved family. The social media is now adapted, giving even friends from far-away to contribute.

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