Four Pinays make it to Canada’s top 100 women leaders

These four women are among Canada’s most powerul

Teodoro Alcuitas
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Four Filipinas from across Canada have been chosen to be among 100 top most powerful women for 2023. The four were recognized by WXN (Women’s Executive Network) for making a transformational difference in their fields and actively shape a more inclusive future, especially in underrepresented areas. The list, unveiled on Oct. 30, features over 1,500 women across 12 categories, spanning private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

Grace Lozano from Winnipeg, Rochelle Atizado from Toronto, Margarita de Guzman from Calgary and Annaflor Peliprada-Patrizio of Etobicoke, Ontario were chosen from among 1,500 women powerful women leaders across Canada.These women “personify what it means to be powerful through the way they empower and champion others, influence change and stand up for all of us.”

Emerging Leaders Category

Grace Lozano (Image: WXN)

Lozano says “it’s an honour sharing this award with an incredible group of powerful female leaders. I look forward to continuing to be an advocate for diversity and shape a more inclusive future, empowering future generations of women, especially Filipinas, to lead.”

Asked what message she can you give to the community especially the youth, she has this to say:

“As a Filipino leader who did not grow up seeing many leaders who looked like me, my message to our community, especially the youth, would be one of empowerment and embracing diversity.

I want to emphasize that diversity is our strength. Each one of us, regardless of our background or appearance, brings unique perspectives, experiences, and talents to the table that should be celebrated. Instead of seeing our differences as obstacles, look at them as valuable assets that contribute to the rich tapestry of our community.”

As Senior Vice President (SVP), Strategic Development, North America for SkipTheDishes and Grubhub, Lozano was chosen under the Amex Emerging Leaders category for women between the ages of 30 to 40 who have been targeted for successive leadership positions within their organizations and have proven a passion for learning and innovation.
Since joining the organization in 2017, Lozano has held several leadership roles and built the Strategic Development team from the ground up. Under her guidance, the team shapes corporate strategy, provides invaluable market insights and evaluates critical operational decisions in a highly competitive and rapidly growing industry. Previously, Grace held positions in corporate development and investment banking at G3 Canada Limited and TD Securities.
The mother of one graduated from St. Mary’s Academy in Winnipeg and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce, Finance and Accounting from the University of Manitoba.

Rochelle Atizado (Image: WXN)

Also in the Amex Emerging Leaders category is Rochelle Atizado from Toronto and currently based in New York City. Atizado’s work has taken her across Canada, Switzerland, and the United States.

A master connector, Rochelle Atizado leads social impact partnerships with purpose-driven companies, creative community, civil society, young people and the UN to propel the Sustainable Development Goals forward. Rochelle is also a UN published writer.
Atizado holds a bilingual Master of Public and International Affairs from York University. In a LinkedIn post, Atizado attributed her success to her ancestors, emphasizing the Bayanihan spirit. She paid homage to her parents, grandparents, and her uncle, underscoring the impact of her heritage on her journey.
“To the young women reading this – especially Filipinx, API, and BIPOC folks – stand tall in your power. With or without a title, you alone are enough. You alone are legendary,” she wrote.

Professional category

Margarita de Guzman (Image: WXN)

In the Professional category, Margarita de Guzman, M.A., RPA of Calgary, Alberta was chosen along with Annaflor Feliprada-Patrizio ,B.Sc.Pharm., R.Ph. of Ontario. 

De Guzman is Managing Director of Circle CRM Group Inc. 

With over 20 years of extensive archaeological experience, de Guzman has managed many large-scale historical resources impact assessments and recorded numerous historic resource sites. In 2022, she launched The Fair Field Foundation to promote and celebrate women in the field of archaeology. It offers womenled programs to facilitate professional growth, such as mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and educational programs.
She began her archaeology career in the U.K. and worked across Europe and Canada, before returning to Alberta in 2005. “For me, the joy of archaeology is in the discovery, so I find joy in finding things that are rare,” de Guzman says.
Though she has a masters degree, her work as an archaeologist in the U.K. was considered an unskilled vocation, with wages she says were “equivalent to an unskilled labourer.” Whether it was that disparity between education and wages, or the long hours and travel, de Guzman noticed there were fewer and fewer female colleagues working alongside her.
That led de Guzman, in January 2023, to launch The Fair Field Foundation, a supportive community that provides women-led engagement, mentorship, educational and networking opportunities for archaeologists, as well as other fields.

Anna Feliprada-Patrizio (LinkedIn)

Annaflor Feliprada-Patrizio is a multi-awarded Filipina-Canadian community pharmacist and co-owner of Schomberg Village Pharmacy in Schomberg , Ontario. She is globally recognized as one of 2022’s “Most Influential Filipina Women in World” for her leadership highlighted during the pandemic. An alumna of Centro Escolar University in the Philippines, she founded Ang Báye sa Agri in the Philippines, aiming to foster interest among high school females in agriculture, collaborating with local agriculture entrepreneurs. Through speaking engagements, she continues to amplify her voice and sharing her journey as a Filipina immigrant and an entrepreneur.

Born and licensed in the Philipines, she moved to Canada in 2000 and briefly pursued different life and career paths after finishing the bridging program, International Pharmacy Graduate Program at the University of Toronto. In 2016, she partnered with another Philippine-trained pharmacist, Christina  Privado to open Schomberg Village Pharmacy.

In her post celebrating the accolade, the Patrizio expressed gratitude to her parents and others who played pivotal roles in shaping her into the leader she is today.
“My life is blessed with parents that are courageous role models, mentors, teachers, friends and organizations that molded me into the leader I am today,” she shared.

The 2023 winners were celebrated in person at the 21st annual Top 100 Awards Gala, hosted at the Fairmont Royal York Toronto on November 30.

“It takes a powerful woman to lead like a legend in her field, organization or community, and it takes a powerful woman to empower those around her to do the same,” said Sherri Stevens, Owner and CEO of WXN. “This year’s winners embody that power, giving us hope when we need it most, setting new bars and changing the status quo. They are legends celebrated not just for the things they do, but also how they touch the lives of others.”

The gala featured keynote speaker Princess Sarah Culberson, Princess of Sierra Leone, author of A Princess Found and a global icon whose story has garnered international acclaim. Hosting the event was Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, award-winning leader, technology executive, and CEO and founder of Empowered In My Skin Inc.

About WXN

WXN (Women’s Executive Network), a member-based organization, is North America’s #1 and only organization that meaningfully propels and celebrates the advancement of professional women at all levels, in all sectors, and of all ages. WXN delivers this advancement through training, events, mentoring, networking, and award and recognition programs for members and partners. WXN operates in Canada and the U.S.

SOURCE WXN (Women’s Executive Network)


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