I-boycott ang NutriAsia!

The bloodied face of this striking woman has aroused anger around the world against NutriAsia.

Updated: 1:49 PM, August 1, 2018


Violent dispersals spark boycott calls

By Ted Alcuitas

Filipinos including netcitizens have rallied to support striking workers of the food manufacturing giant NutriAsia calling for a massive boycott of their products.

The company manufactures popular condiments Jufran banana ketchup, Datu Puti vinegar, and Mang Tomas all-purpose sauce, used as a dip for the iconic lechon.

According to reports the company reached record sales in 2014, exceeding its sales target of P10 billion pesos (US 187 million dollars). 

The company, owned by heirs of former Marcos crony Jose Campos,Jr. is notorious for the maltreatment of its workers. 

The recent violent dispersals, all captured and reported in video has opened up questions whether the company is following government regulations.

Last February, the Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE directed NutriAsia to give regular employment to 914 of their workers. The order cited a number of violations including the exercise by the company of full authority over the deployed workers in the performance of their assigned jobs, as well as the lack of substantial capital on the part of the contractors as evidenced by the employees’ use of the principal’s equipment and tools in performing their outsourced services.”

Even after President Duterte signed an Executive Order to end “endo”, or end of contract (which refers to the short-term contracts given to workers, denying them job security & added benefits), violence erupted outside a NutriAsia factory in Bulacan province where workers were on strike regarding endo, low wages, and other concerns.

Despite this, ABSCBN listed some of the demands the workers had:

  • NutriAsia to recognize workers union.
  • Regularization, complete employee benefits.
  • Hire back employees who were illegally dismissed.