Jeremy Senaris loses MasterChef to Mary Berg


Crown should have gone to Jeremy

Opinion by Ted Alcuitas

In one of the closest competition ever in the history of MasterChef Canada, Winnipeg’s Jeremy Senaris lost to Toronto’s Mary Berg.

In the final round today (June 19, 2016), the judges picked Berg’s ‘cohesive’ style of cooking to Senaris’ ambitious and daring dishes.

Senaris anchored his dishes to the memories of his late mother, using Filipino jackfruit and ‘ube’ for his dessert.

Berg on the other hand stuck to the tried and tested dishes,never veering into the unknown.

While both chefs did not make any significant mistakes in all three categories – entrees, main course and desserts, the judges settled on Berg’s ‘cohesiveness’,whatever that means.

One judge said Senaris’ four different dishes for the main course opened avenues for criticism.

In the end, this competition as all others like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, Chopped, etc. leaves us the feeling that even if everything is supposed to be ’equal’ the ‘white’ competitor invariably wins.

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8 thoughts on “Jeremy Senaris loses MasterChef to Mary Berg”

  1. Your last paragraph just makes you sound ignorant,its not a race issue.Theres always going to be a winner a loser.

  2. Your last paragraph made you lose all creditability and makes Filipinos look like sore losers by making race as an excuse for his defeat.

  3. I am so disappointed in the outcome. Although Mary was good, she always seemed to be having a difficulty. Jeremy was always flying ahead with no problems. His last meal was amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful dessert, whereas Mary’s dessert was not creative or interesting to look at. His main course was also beautiful. Mary’s looked quite ordinary. She isn’t nearly as creative and doesn’t appear able to take on a diverse load in the kitchen. For creativity, Jeremy is outstanding. I could see him in a top kitchen. The results of the last two master chef Canada productions have been a great disappointment to me.

  4. You sound Filipino…you must be? Most Filipinos are biased in their opinion where their chosen team or representative loses to another who’s most likely not that of Filipino origin. I watched the entire show so let me give you my opinion.

    1. Mary won and it was clearly evident despite the fact that she has never tasted any of her meat dishes because she’s a vegetarian. That’s a huge advantage for contestants who love to cook and eat meat.

    2. Matthew should’ve been runner up and not Jeremy. I personally like Jeremy because he’s shown perseverance in his dishes and is willing to go into the unknown. However, Matthew, I believe was edgier. If it weren’t for his mistake against Jeremy, I’d say Mary and Matthew would be head to head.

    3. Jeremy did leave himself open to more criticisms. That was pretty obvious before the judge spoke.

    By the way, I am Filipino too. Born and raised in the Philippines but living in Toronto. I can speak the language, and I can cook the traditional dishes we’ve come to love.

    The crown was rightfully Mary’s.

  5. Stephanie Rushton

    Mary has proved herself since so all of these negative comments do not age well she now has two shows on television and thriving they picked the correct winner!!

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