Jesus Cosico: Independent candidate wants to be MP of new Nepean riding in Ottawa

By Staff

Jesus Cosico stated on his website that he is an independent candidate by choice in this year’s October 19 federal election.

“I do not have all the impressive campaign resources that other candidates may have, but I bring to you a strong belief that more than ever Canada needs independent voices in parliament willing and able to bring forth new ideas and the courage to fight for them,” Cosico declared.

Cosico and his family came to Canada in 2001. He and his wife of 39 years have four children. Their only daughter is a nurse. One son is a medical doctor. Their two other sons are studying at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.

Cosico described himself as a former politician in the Philippines, and an engineer trained in the University of the East in Manila. He is running in Nepean, a new riding in Ottawa.

According to Cosico, he will serve as a voice for pro-life issues if elected as Nepean’s first MP.

The independent candidate said: “As an advocate and strong supporter of Pro-Life, I would like to make it my business to voice out and fight for the rights of these unborn fetuses whose chances to survive and be given the opportunity to be a part of a society are cut short through abortion.”

“Likewise, I want to be the voice of the sick and the elderly,” he also said.

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